Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Shave and A Haircut

One of the interesting things about Egypt is that it is one of the probably few countries where horses and donkeys still do a significant amount of work on a regular basis. There are areas of Cairo where the streets are so narrow that only a horse drawing a long narrow cart can pull loads in to building sites. Donkeys are the base of the pyramid and they carry everything imaginable anywhere in the country. I remember being told in 1976 as I was driving with friends through downtown Cairo and we found ourselves behind a donkey cart in a tunnel, that I wouldn't see that much more. Thirty years later, I still see the donkeys and their carts all over. Of course it doesn't do to drive a messy donkey, so a couple times a year the donkeys go to the barber for a trim. Clipping is done with hand clippers, not electric. After a couple of dozen donkeys, the barber must have a handshake to end all.


Felicia said...

Hi from San Diego. I saw your photo on the Daily City Photo Blog. With only 2 baths a year, the donkey must be really stinky. He's looking really clean and sharp in your photo!

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Oh, they get washed much more often than that, some daily. The haircuts are only in the fall and spring.

Fay said...

Interesting information. I enjoyed reading this entry!

Anonymous said...

So much information in your blog,
really well done!
I hope, a day could be longer :)

Happy days to you!

Anonymous said...

A haircut for a donkey? That has to be a first, I've never seen such an event before.

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