Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Man At A Street Light

Cairo's roads are full of entertaining individuals, particularly at the stop lights. In Alexandria, there was a woman who always carried a baby. The baby never seemed to get any older and there never was a new one, exactly. Some people would feel very sorry for her and be quite generous....others wondered how she managed to keep her child that exact age for so long. And then there was a man at another corner (there's a certain territoriality to traffic light denizens) who spent his days talking to the sky and washing people's cars. One day he cleaned my front window so I gave him half a pound. He walked around the car and gave it to my daughter. You never really know what the story is.


Lezard said...

Looks like he is filling up a tank!!
Anyway, here in The Hague there is hardly anybody waiting for selling / begging anything at the traffic lights. Lucky city!

Susan said...

Have you ever seen the man outside the Khan Al KHalili w/ the open wound on his leg? He's in all the guide books apparently. Keeps the wound open-it's good business!

Mia said...

Oh my gosh, I might have seen that guy cairogal saw! He really WAS bleeding, and yes, I bought things from him....

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