Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Can Fly!

What is it about the pyramids that inspires such lunacy in people? I really don't know but I like it. I recall visiting Stonehenge eons ago before it was all put behind walls and explanations, when it was just a bunch of rocks in a field, and my brother posing for a photo on the edge of one of the horizontal stones in a traditional surfer's stance, hanging five. What will we do for dreams when everything has been made safe?


oldmanlincoln said...

People don't like to pose, pose, I think. They like to think they will look different. I think it is a nice photo.

rahma said...

Which pyramid site is that? The husband and I got b*tched out by a policeman on a camel with a big gun for just sitting on the bottom layer to take a picture. Of course, we were sitting right next to the no climbing sign, so I guess we were warned :D

The Wanderer said...

"-What will we do for dreams when everything is made safe"

I will quote you forever,
Thanks for sharing.