Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Corner Store

When I came to Egypt in the late 80's most "supermarkets" were about this size. Now we have huge hypermarkets that stock everything under the sun and quite reminiscent of Europe or North America. It's nice to have a lot of choice, but there is something also soothing about going down to the shop on the corner for a packet of sugar and chatting with the owner about the local gossip.


Dina said...

That's a sweet picture of everyday life. You are so right about the little grocery shops being the source of local information. When I came new to this area, the makolet lady told me about a little house in the village about to go up for rent. Now it's home for me. She knew about it even before the landlord's wife did. ha! Long live the little shops.

Cairogal said...

I love the simplicity of shopping in these places. You get your milk, tomato paste, yoghurt...all very basic stuff! I've never eaten as naturally as I did in Cairo!