Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Old Cairo Cats

A warm day in the Khan seems to bring out the felines. This lovely black cat with green eyes seemed to know that it contrasted beautifully with a blue door.

A pair of ginger kittens play in a plastic bag on a gallery of an old caravansarai..

And a white cat, with just a hint of ginger sleeps so soundly that a photographer doesn't even rate a flicker.


Leans said...

Lovely cats! hello, really beautiful pictures. Hello from argentina. salutes

Blognote said...

Very nice photos. I especially like the photo with the black cat with that mysterious attitude.

Dina said...

The black one with big ears looks like the ancient Egyptian cats on the pyramid walls, no?
Funny, on Saturday I also posted cats napping in the heat of the Old City. I guess Middle Eastern cats just know what to do.