Monday, July 21, 2008

Making History

Any History or Discovery Channel buff sees Egypt all the time. This photo was taken during the filming of a History Channel program called Digging For The Truth a few years ago. The production assistant was looking for a couple of horses for the star and a local guide for a program on the building of the pyramids. With a tight shooting schedule, she didn't want to risk any broken limbs for the star and called me to use a couple of my horses. We spent a fun two days filming in Giza, Abu Sir, and Sakkara.


USelaine said...

That's such a fun photograph! I love seeing scenes being shot.

Jane Hards Photography said...

It must be interesting to see be the other side of the camera.

Dina said...

Your horses deserve to be movie stars. May they be well. Sachtain.

Hilda said...

I only discovered your blog today, I don't remember through whom, but I am so happy I did because you make Cairo so real and alive! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. And I think your girls are lovely too. Thank you.

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