Monday, October 13, 2008

The Felafel Man

There is a tiny hole in the wall foul and ta'ameya (felafel) shop in Khan el Khalili, down a narrow alleyway from Hussein Square on your right as you are headed for the famous coffee shop Fishawy. I usually go upstairs on some of the world's steepest and smallest stairs to sit at one of the four tables above the shop for lunch, but today I was with a friend and we decided to sit outdoors with our sandwich. The menu is limited but the output is delicious. The patties of ta'ameya are fried in oil in a deep copper pan at the ground level of the restaurant. In the winter this warms the entire passageway, though it isn't so great in the summer.


Mia said...

mmmmm. wish I were there.

ken mac said...

we have falafel in the Village, but I bet it is nothing like this..

babooshka said...

Nothing like a local dish in the locale. Your descriptonis so apetitizng.