Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cultures Colliding

I spent a morning a while back sitting on the Great Pyramid photographing people taking pictures of families and friends on or by the pyramid. About halfway through the morning I noticed a man in a galabeya, jacket and scarf who looked like a visitor from Jordan or Libya...not a local outfit. He sat quietly on a stone in front of the pyramid apparently waiting for someone for some time. Then a Russian family stopped to take a photo of the mother and son in front of the pyramid and this totally captured his attention. To be honest, mine as well since the woman had to be wearing some of the least appropriate clothing for visiting Egypt and more specifically the pyramids that I've ever seen. Short shorts, a backless tshirt and platform high heels....she could barely hobble around. With all the information out there on culture and sensitivity, I wonder if we really need tourists like this.


Ange said...

i saw worse. once i was at the pyramids and i saw a group of german tourists and one women had on a bikini top and hot pants with her actual bum cheeks hanging out of them. as a fellow westerner and a fellow woman i was completely disgusted at her attire and couldnt believe she would wear it to a known islamic country.

Stacy K. said...

Both hideous and immodest. I can't beleive she would want to remember her visit to the Pyramids dressed in that. I wore a long skirt with pants under it and a hijab and wasn't harassed or stared down at other than the usual guys wanting baksheesh.

Frøken K said...

Oh how tasteless!! I get embarassed by watching her, and I'm not Muslim! I always covered up when I was in Egypt, from neck to tow. Not hair, though... I wouldn't even be seen with that slutty and ugly outfit in my own Western European country!

Frøken K said...

PS: I LOVE your blog :)

MsTypo said...

This drives me nuts when it see it! Is it wrong that i am secretly relishing the sunburn she must have all over her back?

Candice said...

It's definitely not appropriate for Egypt! I remember when I was in Egypt I was wearing a long skirt and long sleeved shirt and some hijabis passed by me and said something in Arabic. My husband is Egyptian and said they were commenting on how I was modestly dressed compared to so many foreigners.
It's funny how foreigner I look. Even with a bunch of Egyptians, even when I'm wearing clothes bought in Egypt!

Meead said...

Very interesting. It seems all of your visitors who commented on this post, have already been to a islamic place as a visitor and they know well about the culture of "un-nakedness." Interesting.

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