Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden Intruders

I never thought of Egypt as a place where one would expect to find mushrooms growing. We now have a lot of mushroom farms and they are easy to find in the markets, but I've always associated mushrooms with moisture. Winter before last I had a lovely crop of horse mushrooms (a larger relative of the commercial mushroom...I grew up mushroom hunting) on my manure pile. This summer with the lawn being watered a lot we've had another variety of mushroom making an appearance. These, unfortunately, are Amanita, which while very pretty looking, can make you quite ill..or even dead...if you eat them.


Unknown said...

My husband is interested in mushrooms, too, and has invested in some books on the subject, plus attended a meeting of the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz. He found Amanita Mascaria where he lives once - it's the Alice in Wonderland mushroom... The photo looks like something else, though. Are you aware of the work of Paul Stamets?

Aside from that, hope Ramadan is treating you well. xoxo

brattcat said...

These in your photograph look delicious. Are they okay to eat? I think even I can i.d. those beautiful red poisonous ones. I wonder how you prepare your edible mushrooms.

margaret said...

How truly amazing. Very pretty photo even if they aren't good to eat.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

I believe they are a variety of Amanita...definitely not recommended for the cooking pot. We were taught never to eat any mushroom with white gills.

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