Monday, November 23, 2009

Queen and Her Attendants

There is a regal quality to water buffalo. They stand and wait for their farmers to bring them piles of fresh green fodder to eat, enjoy the sun and fresh air and the careful ministrations of the cattle egrets who pick any passing flies or other insects from their skins. As we pass the tethered buffalo, she looks at us with calm interest as though we might be bringing news of some sort...or even better food!


Shefali said...

wow, your perspective of looking at what would usually be come-look-forget, renders some of these run-of the-mill-forgettable-sights really memorable. And the little caption snippets are awesome!
Your photos beautifully prove that art and beauty are all around us and not confined to museums or some special places. Amazing! :)

Montag said...

Whenever I see a meadow or open area with power lines looming in the distance, it makes me feel like Don Quixote scouting out the windmills.

Seba said...

Nice foto :)

Yousef said...

Ha ha. I'm with the cow in the fact that I'm hoping its food. :D I love food. *Beginning to think life as a cow wouldn't be so bad.

oop said...

very nice,hoho, And Chinese very different

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