Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Early Toot Harvest

For the uninitiated, "toot" is the local name for mulberries and the mulberries are beginning to ripen now. So when a couple of friends wanted to go riding this morning, I suggested that we go on a toot ride. This was their first toot ride, but I doubt the last. The horses like it too. They love the berries and the leaves are snatched out of the trees with delight.


PamY said...

Hi Maryanne!
My husband and I had our first trip to Egypt in November '09 and I love how your photos bring back the amazing memories of our trip. Thank you for your blog and photos! It is the highlight of my 'blog day' and I look forward to each new picture with glee.

brattcat said...

Is there any creature that doesn't love mulberries?