Monday, June 21, 2010

The Only Place To Be

The temperatures for the past two days have been ridiculous! We've been sweating through days of mid-40's C or around 110 F. Too bloody hot. On days like this the feluccas do good business, carrying dehydrated weary Cairenes out onto the water for an hour of peace. Photo by Kelly Anderson


Montag said...

I can hear the voices of dusk carrying over the water.

Steffe said...

That is a bit too hot. Stay cool.

brattcat said...

My compliments to Kelly Andersen for this excellent image.

Giulia said...

Yes, lovely photograph. I hear you about the heat. (I've been:) It's hot here in Washington, DC but not as bad as it gets in Cairo. I would love to be on the water, right now.


Merri said...

UGH! too bloody hot is right!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Gunn said...

That is HOT.
How do the horses do??
(Today we have +14...... Last week we had a couple of days with +25 and even +27....)