Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moringa Trees

The Moringa tree is a miracle. Almost every part of the tree is edible and it is well-suited to our climate. A friend of mine brought seeds from east Africa and another friend with a nursery is growing seedlings to be planted in the countryside here. The only specification is that they cannot be sold but must be given as a gift. Their lacy foliage is beautiful and will be a welcome addition to our farmlands and gardens.


AareneX said...

"they cannot be sold but must be given as a gift."

That sentence makes the world a better place.

brattcat said...

so much i love about this post...a plant where all the parts are edible...a plant that is meant only and always as a gift and never as a thing to be bought and sold.

rapunzel said...


self hypnosis scripts said...

Plants like this are heaven's gift.

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Ashraf Al Shafaki said...

This is the Facebook group for the Moringa Research Farm in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

What is the species of this moringa plant? The leaves look different from my hometown moringa tree. Your moringa tree is long, thin and fine like ferns. My hometown moringa is round tear drop shaped.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

I'm not sure about this tree as when I got mine growing its leaves were as you describe. The tree I photographed was one pointed out by one of the nursery workers and I believe he showed me the wrong tree.

Used PC Exporter said...

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