Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet Prickliness of Summer

The prickly pear cactus bears its fruit in the summer, flowers giving way to bulbs that ripen to a red yellow on the oval leaves. Farmers harvest them and bring them into the city where they sell them one by one to passersby who want some of the sweet, sticky fruit. The seller peals them for the buyer so that thorns aren't an issue. Interestingly, no one seems to use the leaves in salads as the Mexicans do. One of these days I will collect some leaves to make nopalitos.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

I wish we'd tried this when we were in Egypt, like the sound of 'sweet, sticky'..Great street scene Maryanne.

Michael Lockridge said...

Our chef at the jail where I worked made a great salad with nopales. I also enjoyed egg and nopales tacos at another place I worked. The mothers, aunts and sisters of some of the workers created some great lunches, which the guys shared most generously.

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brattcat said...

i would certainly appreciate having the seller peel the fruit.

Kate C. said...

I've tried these once. They have a very distinctive and exotic taste. I still prefer bananas, though! :)

Felcy said...

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

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