Monday, March 26, 2012

Supervising the Workman

Time for a cute overload.  Nadim, my housekeeper's son, has learned how to crawl and is working on walking, which has its hazards in a house with stone floors, so we dump him in the garden at every opportunity to take his tumbles on sand and soft grass. Yesterday he discovered a shovel left behind by the men who are plastering the upper floors of the house and was determined to pick it up, much like he does with a broom in the house. Needless to say, more work is needed. I'm sure he will be much less eager to wield a shovel when he gets older. One of the Danes and our Pit cross decided to lie on the sandpile to supervise...and, in the case of the Pit, to apply frequent licks to clean sand off his face.


lalalulapilula said...

hola. me encanto ese bebé. y también sus bellos guardianes. me gustan mucho los perros. saludos desde Chile
que tengas una linda semana.
cariños para ti.
Vivi :O)

In Real Life said...

So cute! :)

kousuke said...

Yes, very cute.
Nadim needs a toy shovel.

Susan said...

Seriously adorable.

Susan said...

Seriously adorable.