Friday, April 27, 2012

Hanging Out In The Trees

It's mulberry season in Egypt and everywhere you go (unless you are trapped in grey concrete urban hell) there are lush green trees with black or white mulberries hanging off every branch and children of all ages climbing the trees to pick them. In our garden we have a huge Omani white mulberry tree with fruit the length of a finger that tastes like pears. But there is no way in heaven that I can even begin to eat all the fruit so every couple of days the staff get together to shake the ripe fruit out of the tree.

1 comment:

brattcat said...

we once had a mulberry tree in our yard. the fruit it produced was much smaller and tasted closer to a blackberry than a pear. unfortunately tropical storm irene took out that amazing tree which once drew to it every bird, deer, raccoon, skunk, bear, and child in the neighborhood (fortunately not all at the same time).

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