Monday, December 9, 2013

Stars In Your Eyes

Every time I go to Khan el Khalili I almost have to tie my hands to keep from buying  lamps. These metal lamps with their cutouts are beautiful to look at and cast a lovely light as well. But with the media saying how "dangerous" Cairo is, the three of us women were the only foreigners we saw there. It's tragic as so many families are in desperate straits for the lack of tourism. 


William Kendall said...

They're certainly fascinating to look at!

Montag said...

We are glad you are well, and that are still going to the bazaar.

Montag said...

We are glad you are well and still able to get about.

Anita said...

When I read the news of snow in Cairo, I quickly came here hoping you might post a picture of it here! My best wishes to you.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

There was a little bit of snow in Cairo the other day but only in a residential area on the east bank of the Nile. Where we were, all we got were buckets of rain, very muddy country roads and power outages. No fun at all. There were some pictures of snow at the pyramids of Giza and Sphinx but they were all fakes.

Jenica said...

Hello! I just found your blog. Will be reading through it eagerly!

Any experience with actually buying those lamps? I'll be there later this year and have grand hopes of bringing a pierced lantern home, but I am the worlds WORST haggler.

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