Sunday, August 17, 2014

Open Sesame

I had shoulder surgery this summer and only had my left hand to use for a month or so. This is the first week I've had the approval from the doctor to ride out. 

This is a flowering field of sesame. I'll bet you had no idea this is what it looked like. 


Anita said...

I'm very glad you're recovering and happy to see your post. For all my years on a farm, I've never seen sesame growing, so thank you for the picture. Lately I've been using either sesame oil or tahini in learning some new recipes. Sesame oil is fabulous and makes noodle salad quite addictive.

William Kendall said...

I would have had no idea what it was. Lovely shot! Nice to see you back around.

AareneX said...

You are correct: I had no idea what sesame looks like. Coolio!

Heal up speedily!

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