Monday, April 23, 2007

Camel At Work

Most of us think of camels as denizens of the desert, but naturally since they do have to eat and drink, most of them live in some kind of farming situation. They are still used a great deal in the Nile Valley for carrying heavier loads than donkeys can carry. This poor soul is one of the camels used by a date palm trimming crew. The fronds are loaded on the camels back with the wooden ends towards the head. When you see the camels walking down the road, they look like enormous peacocks with their long green tails waving behind them.


Deb said...

Loading that many fronds onto a camel's back must be quite an art form.
The camel doesn't appear to be bothered much by all that weight....but perhaps he's just smiling politely for the camera!

Chandlermom said...

Poor thing, but it does make him look pretty, like he's wearing a nice party outfit

Unknown said...

I like the idea of this blog so much, keep it up

Anonymous said...

It always bothers me to see animals put to work but I have to stop and tell myself they are well cared for animals and the persons using them would surely miss them so they do their best to keep them healthy. I like the photograph and it reminded me of a friend in India who send me a photo of a donkey hooked up to a cart. The cart was too heavy and it tipped backwards and the donkey was still hung up in its harness suspended in the air. I assume it was not injured.

Abraham Lincoln
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lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

guess that's the way of life..nice document!

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