Monday, April 16, 2007

Free For The Taking?

There are a number of basket sellers in Maadi. I can think of at least three right off hand, and the funny thing about them is that they are always leaving their baskets stacked on the side of the road even when there is no one there to watch them. I needed one of the rectangular chests from a sort of rattan last year and I passed by the basket man at least six times before I found him there to buy one from him. Funny thing is that no one just helps themselves to the baskets. Sort of an honour system.


Susan said...

LOL! I know!! I looked over my shoulder a number of times to confirm the same thing!

Jing said...

where is the seller??

shanghai daily photo

Mandi said...

Those baskets are lovley. Reminds me of growing up in Zimbabwe. There were always sellers on the road selling similar baskets.

Mandy said...

good to know folk trust folk

Susan said...

I don't know if the honour system would have worked all over Cairo...perhaps just in certain areas. What do you think, Maryanne?

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

I haven't really seen the basket sellers leave things in other parts of Cairo, but then there are the pottery men in old Cairo who have pots all stacked along the street. I've had to search for the seller for as long as 10 minutes sometimes. On the whole, with things like this, Cairenes are remarkably honest. Just don't ask how much that scarab costs.

Susan said...

LOL. Honestly, I think the basket guy left them there for multiple days on end. I used to walk past one daily on a road (whose number I can't recall)that ran parallel to Road 9(you know-like rd. 9 it also spirals off of Midhan Mahata in the opposite direction of the metro station) and almost never saw him, despite passing at varied times. I think the first time I showed interest, I told him I'd pass by the next day...that was the last time we spoke! ;-)

Kate said...

I wonder where he was when he wasn't near his baskets. Making more? Enjoying life?

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