Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You And What Army?

There is often a strange assumption that wearing a headscarf is somehow disabling to women. I personally don't wear one and am unlikely to ever wear one, but it certainly isn't a sign of diminished capability or of subjugation. Some women simply like to wear it or are more comfortable in it. Just one look at this wonderful face is enough to tell you that anyone who crosses this woman is likely to come off the worse for wear. It's all in the eyes.


Dsole said...

oh Maryanne, that's a really amazing portrait, I like her expression, her look, that's nice

Meg said...

I think this is my first time visiting your blog - you have some great photos and narratives.

This is a beautiful portrait.

Olive said...

wow that's a great picture. I love her face, there is so much in it... I guess that's why some women choose to cover their hair. This way people focus more on their face and particularily their eyes. Although I think imposing it on others is VERY wrong.

Sally said...

She would feel completely undressed without it. Beautiful portrait.

Kate said...

A very strong portrait.

Susan said...

Was she happy to let you take her photograph, Maryanne?

riniroo said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Her eyes tell her life story. How wonderful it would be to sit and listen.

Seda said...

I totally agree regarding to your comment about headscarf. In fact many people do not know why some poeple wear headscarf. It is to get protection from sand storms and sun. Hope one day humanity will only look at each outher eyes to tell their story...

Charrie said...

LOVE this photo! In the Gulf, where most women still cover their faces as well, and the only thing you can see is their eyes, you become so aware of how expressive they are. Powerful shot.

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