Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Out For A Drive

We were driving into Maadi the other day and came up on one of the pictures that I've always wanted to take...a camel truck. You see these things on the roads every so often moving camels somewhere. Some of them might be on their way to a slaughter house because camel is eaten as well as ridden. Others might be on their way to work somewhere far from the city. The funny thing is that they kneel down in the truck and seem to be enjoying the trip.


Charrie said...

Hey, great shot! I used to see this all the time in Doha, but was never able to get my camera up in time... my favourites were the baby camels with their great big eyes!

Beetle said...

Nice shot! the camel looks cute on the blue truck

Anonymous said...

what a cute photo. Living in the USA this is something I have never seen.

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