Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Remote Control

Remote Control, originally uploaded by Miloflamingo.

Donkeys are the lifeline of Egypt and they are much smarter than people think. It isn't uncommon to see a donkey trudging home from market with his master dead asleep on the cart. Gives cruise control new meaning.


-K- said...

I've really enjoyed at all your photos of Cairo and your captions are just as good.

Unknown said...

Really cool blog :)

simon kutcher said...

Those types of sights are priceless. I love it

Anonymous said...

That is a splendid photo and tells an ancient story. I like it very much.

My wife, Patty, and I have been married for 52 years today. Imagine that.
52 married years

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I loved this funny title but you're in right and I remember when in our contryside there was more horses than truck, was absolutely the same

Gerald (SK14) said...

simon said it -- priceless!

Anonymous said...

This is what I call Auto Pilot

Anonymous said...

I love your photo's and comments re Egypt - and I envy you living there. One day, enshalla, I shall live there too.

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