Monday, August 27, 2007

The Greatest Pyramid

This isn't the pyramid that everyone takes pictures of, not one of the "three" that most of the world associates with Giza. The Great Pyramid at Giza is a wonderful sight, but for my money the Red Pyramid at Dahshur is the best. This was taken from the desert at sunset, something that is basically impossible to do if you are on a tour. The buses stay on the asphalt roads and they leave long before sunset. A local like myself with a jeep knows the odd ways in to be able to take this shot.

The pyramid itself was built by Sneferu after a couple of false starts with the pyramid at Meidum about 60 km south and the Bent Pyramid which is only about 300 metres south. It is made of red Aswan granite and somehow sits in the desert with much more comfort and authority than the Great Pyramid at Giza. Maybe it's the lack of all those horrible little men selling bad t-shirts and camel rides....


DS2944 said...

Great photograph let us imaginating all the years past ....

Unknown said...

Good shot of a sun kissed pyramid. I must admit I'm a bit put off visiting Egypt because of all the traders bugging people as soon as they step outside their hotel. Holidays should be a pleasure, not a torture.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

The best way to get rid of the t-shirt crowd is to learn a simple Arabic phrase: Aisheen hena (pronounced eye-sheen henna) which means "we live here". When spoken with a certain resignation mixed with mild distaste, it produces immediate apologies and withdrawals. The traders have gotten used to the idea that there are foreigners who are residents and they simply are NOT going to buy these things.

Viola said...

Wow, how mysterious it looks! Your wonderful shot may attract more people to visit. I'd like to be one of them.

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