Thursday, September 20, 2007

Konafa...The Old Fashioned Way

A big part of Ramadan is sweets and most families make them at home. One of the favourites is konafa, which looks a lot like shredded wheat, but not nearly so organised. It is created from a sort of fine noodle that is made the old-fashioned way on a huge griddle. The konafa man takes a pot with fine holes drilled in the bottom, fills it with batter and in a smooth circular motion lays out long lines of the konafa on the griddle. About the time he has covered the entire griddle, the konafa is cooked, so he then scoops it off and piles it to one side. Housewives come and buy the konafa by the kilo, take it home and mix it with a bit of melted butter, then pack it lightly into a tray. A layer of cream, nuts and fruit, or even cheese for a savoury, might be added and then another layer of buttered konafa. This is then baked until the threads are golden brown and a bit crispy. A sweet konafa will then have a sugar or honey syrup poured over it. One of the posh bakeries in Cairo make a konafa that is crispy but not sweet and then spread whipped cream and strawberries on it. Deadly.


Susan said...

Oh, sweet konafa w/ the custardy mouth is watering. I never knew this is how they made the shredded wheat bits!

Mia said...

I got to see this being made when I was there! :)

And of course, tasted it too :)

• Eliane • said...

Yes, it does sound lethal. But delish. Very interesting post. I love to learn about those things. You should get us a picture of the end product! :)

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