Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taking a Watery Break

Canals are a fact of life in the Nile Valley. They were used in pharaonic times as well, although not as extensively as they are now since the building of the Aswan High Dam and the end of the yearly flood. They are slow-moving bodies of water with a lot of decaying plant matter in them giving them the dark colour of peat bogs in Europe. Many of my favourite riding trails wind along them and one of them is the cause for a hopefully brief break in posting to this blog.

Yesterday my young gelding Fagr and I went for a short unplanned swim in a canal when his back leg slipped off the path and he was unable to regain his balance. Though the experience was, to say the least, shocking to both of us, neither of us sustained any real damage due to our swimming adventure. I wish I could say the same of my mobile phone and my beloved Lumix, which I had only just received from the Panasonic service shop where it had spent Ramadan having two motors replaced due to dust damage. During that hiatus, I made due with the camera in my Nokia...but the Nokia was also in the saddle bag that got thoroughly soaked in the canal and while both machines will turn on, they are acting in an utterly erratic fashion. I'm just hoping that Panasonic will be able to fix the camera in something under a month this time.


Olive said...

I'm sorry about your camera, but this picture turnes out really well! So if that's any indication, I have high hopes for your cameras.

Anonymous said...

Some electronics can be repaired after being submerged in water by removing any parts that are easy to take off such as the battery and placing it into a bag of raw, dry rice. The rice acts in a manner similar to silica gel which is often found in apparel and new electronics packaging. Before doing this I've also taken a hair dryer to the seams and the battery compartment of a mobile phone to restore functionality.

NancyN said...

Glad to read you're both alright! Enjoy your blog whenever you post

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Oh dear. :( I sure hope they can fix both the phone and the camera!

Suzi-k said...

oh, that is a shame, I also have a beloved Lumix, which goes absolutely everywhere with me. They are so versatile! Hope you get it back soon, but your pix are still interesting, that kid in the tub on mom's head is brave!

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