Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Dancing Saddle

This is not your everyday saddle, definitely. This is an Egyptian dancing horse saddle and they aren't that comfortable for riding, in my opinion. The dancing horses are a tradition similar to high level dressage in that the movements find their origins in warfare and have now been refined to be performed to music.


mohager.egy said...

I am pleased to see American write about Egypt and the Egyptian street, but Ante Tturkzi in beautiful things only, namely Cairo, Giza and I am happy to see the other part of Egypt part of a very bad this blog my>>

I am happy to comment on the show these pictures >>

This city Egyptian name Burullus tower located on the shores of the Mediterranean and the marginalized and neglected of all officials ... Thanksgiving visit to the Code...

sam said...

that is lovely, but I can imagine it would be a bit uncomfortable! Are they Arabian horses trained to dance like Lipizzaners?

crittoria said...

Very pretty! I would love to hear those coins jingle with each step...

Priyanka Khot said...

very nice photograph. I don't know zilch about horses, but anything jeweled pleases my girly eyes :-)

ptowngirl said...

Very beautiful saddle; I thought it was a purse at first!

Unknown said...

saddle !its very beautiful, yes this saddle you can 't use for daily ride and you won't be comfortable with this.
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