Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doing It The Hard Way

The threshing machines are working overtime on the wheat with the last face of the berseem crop and a seed face of the love grass yet to come. The farmers will chop the stalks of the feed crops and harvest the seeds for planting next year. This old guy had laid out some of his wheat on a bag and was beating it to release the kernels, threshing by hand. That's hard work on a hot spring day.

I will be away from home for two weeks visiting my children in the US, so there will be a bit of a break in the photos...unless I post from old ones that I find on file, but time is short on a visit like this.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this makes you appreciate the simple things of life like bread, which apparently are not so simple if you don't have animals or machines to thresh.
May you have safe and enjoyable travel. Enjoy the kids.

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip.


Texas Travelers said...

When I was younger, I cut and stacked hay by hand. Hard but satisfying work. Our milk cows appreciated it in the winter.

Thanks for sharing,

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