Monday, October 20, 2008

Night Traffic

I lost my little Sony camera that is so handy for my daily photography and a friend who was in Dubai for a business trip picked me up a new one. The big camera is great when photography is all I'm doing, but multi-tasking photography is better with a smaller camera. So as I was out doing various errands all day in Cairo, I was trying out the new toy, and coming back to Giza across the Moneeb bridge after dark I played around shooting the traffic out the front window. No, I was not driving at the time.


MsTypo said...

I purposely bought my little Sony camera for that same reason. Plus it fits neatly into my purse! LOL

Cool pic!

Sharon said...

I like it. It looks like you've created a letter from a foreign alphabet with the lights.

Dina said...

Maryanne, you're going artistic!
Lovely shot.
"Multi-tasking photography"--good one!

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