Thursday, November 6, 2008

Learning From A Master

One of the biggest problems facing Egypt is the rather sad state of its educational system. Most children do start school and many get to a point of basic literacy, but much fewer actually survive the entire process. This fourteen year old boy attended school where he learned the basics of literacy and basic math but then he decided to leave and learn a trade. He's fortunate that his father is a master brick layer, an artist with bricks, who specialises in constructing unusual shapes. I can vouch for his skill and artistry, as I've used him on my farm. Here he is instructing his son in the method of constructing a dome out of bricks. At only fourteen, the boy's work is beautiful.


The Cairo Wife said...

I love your pics Maryanne, but I love your comments more. Especially the funny really capture the essence of Egypt in pics and prose. Which are both usually deserving of "what???". This sure is an interesting country huh? Never a dull moment!

Ashraf Al Shafaki said...

I wish one day to live in a dome shaped house in a farm. Dome shaped houses built according to the Hassan Fathy design are amazing. They are warm in winter and a breeze during summer. I hope the knowledge of building them spreads more in rural areas in Egypt.

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