Monday, January 12, 2009

The One and Only

The Mogamma is modern Cairo's labyrinth of bureaucracy. Foreigners renew visas there and Egyptians apply for passports, birth certificates or any other documentation there. All who must enter in do so with great reluctance, knowing that their exit might be hours later.


Mia said...

Hi again :) Just wondering if you could do a special request? A picture of a traditional tea tray - like the kind they bring around in the alleys while people are smoking the shisha. I'd love to know what KIND of tea that is, how it's prepared and what sort of sugar they use, white or cane?

Whatever it is, it was good :)

Ja said...

Mogamma, nightmare of every foreigner :-)

Candice said...

I actually don't have bad memories of Mogamma. It didn't take that long for me to get my visa and I also met another Canadian, another Quebecer, actually! So cool to see someone who speaks just like me in a place so far away! Didn't meet any other Canadians, French or English, for the whole 7 months!

Dina said...

Its sheer size makes it look foreboding. Good luck.

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