Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A batik painter at the Wissa Wassef center discusses his plans for a large cloth as some visitors watch.


PipeTobacco said...


I must say that I have been a fan of your essay blog for a long time (Living in Egypt), but am now even more delighted and pleased to have found out about your Cairo/Giza Daily Photo blog! I so very much enjoy looking at photographs of everyday life and scenes in areas distant from me.

Thank you very much for your efforts in the photoblog. They give me a chance to experience at least some of the aspects of life beyond my own region.

I am going to explore further to see images in your archives, so there may already be an image like that I am asking you to consider posting... but if you do not have one yet, and happen to be in or near a coffeehouse with the traditional narghile/hookah, I think the place and the patrons would make a delighful series of images.


max said...

hey!! i love your country , i 'm a fan of Egypt and it's a dream for me to come on your blog!

max said...

hey!! i love your country and it's a dream for me to come in your blog !!
thanks ...

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