Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mirroring a Palm

The Wissa Wassef Museum in Harania is built in domes, smooth soft lines and arches, based on traditional architecture. from the arches leading into the museum the pillar supporting a larger room almost looks like a palm tree.


Lowell said...

Very interesting and very different. You must find much to appreciate and photograph where you live.

Dina said...

Very beautiful. Yes, it DOES look like a palm tree, you're right!

Maryanne, I think of you especially today, my blog's first birthday. Thank you for all your answers and encouragement back then in helping me take the plunge into blogging.

Vanessa Bates said...

it does look like a palm tree! How cool!

Susan said...

I love this place...used to have a fantastic set of coffee mugs from there.

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