Monday, February 23, 2009

A Place of Blood and Tears

The mosque of Hussein is beautiful and peaceful most of the time. It faces a large square filled with sunlight and visitors marveling at the surroundings. Cafes line the square along the base of the Hussein Hotel and are usually filled with people from every part of the world enjoying a glass of tea or lunch. Yesterday evening someone dropped an explosive from a balcony overlooking one of these cafes and killed one French girl while injuring other visitors, French, Egyptian, and Saudi. The bustling peace of the square was shattered. I have visitors to Egypt staying with me and we will go to Hussein. We will visit the Khan. I refuse to allow horrible, misguided people to ruin this country.


MsTypo said...

A prayer for all those who were affected by last night's bombing. :(

Ineke said...

I heard about on the news yesterday. What posesses these people? Be careful.

Dina said...

Our sympathy to you, to those in Cairo. I know the anger, sadness, and determination you feel, Maryanne. May our region know an end to terrorism, soon and in our days.

Candice said...

I heard about that yesterday. How sad and infuriating!

Sharon said...

I heard this on the news this morning and was so sorry and disturbed by this and all terrorist acts. I am with you. I refuse to let these misguided people control my life. My thoughts are with those who were hurt and the families of the person killed.

I hope your visitors enjoy the fantastic sites and culture of your adopted country in spite of this offense.

Lowell said...

So beautiful and so sad.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I agree. I will visit the Khan again also.

vagabondblogger said...

Exactly. My son is coming in several weeks and we will probably go back to the Khan, as well.

Ulla said...

I was in Cairo in January, and sat with my sister at Hussein square. It was dusk and we were looking at people coming and going, listening to the call for prayer. It was a beautiful moment.

Someone reminded me a while ago that some 60 years ago Europe was shattered after war, yet it feels so distant now. So why could it not be so for the Middle-East in the future? I hope & pray this will be.

I put some Cairo photos on my blog, unfortunately in Finnish but they are the two first entries for this month and the last of January.

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