Sunday, February 1, 2009

What REALLY Runs Egypt

Yes, it's a teapot. Tea is the glue of every meeting and is the source of many greetings. "Come have a cup of tea!" is a call that I hear at least half a dozen times in the course of my rides around the countryside here. If I drank all the tea I was offered, I'd never get anything done. People joke about the English and tea, but the Egyptians have them beat hands down.


S said...

very true, haha, i experienced this lately as I visited some bedouins in Sinai, they're all about the damn tea! LoL
but technically, we do have the English to thank for that!

penny said...

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos... thank you for sharing;)

Kroniki egipskie said...

It's amazing, but true!!!
People live much slower here than in Europe - maybe are happier and healthier :)

Zoë said...

I have been hiding out reading your blog for some time now and I just had to write and say what a nice photo!

Thanks for all the stories.

Janet said...

I am a tea drinker myself, so I think I could manage quite all right in Egypt!

this too will pass said...

nice picture and story

[¯Ô¯]njoy said...

I truly enjoy your photos and stories! You live in a beautiful area.

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