Saturday, March 28, 2009

Delivery....Anything Anywhere

One of the amazing things about living in Egypt is what you can get delivered to your home. You can have your grocery shopping done and delivered. You can have books delivered. You can even go online and order dinner from most restaurants in Cairo to be delivered to your home. The gentleman on the motorcycle is delivering koshari, one of the most basic, cheap meals in Egypt. A mix of pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, fried onions and various sauces, it can usually provide a filling meal for under LE 5, or roughly a dollar. And it's fairly nutritious as well.


Sue said...

How I long for authentic Koshari! I've tried making it, but it's just not the same. There was a pricey Egyptian restaurant in San Francisco that had it on the menu, for $18! And it wasn't even close to what you get in Cairo. It was my favorite story to tell the last time I was there, asking locals to guess how much Koshari cost in SF. Much disbelief ensued when I told the answer.

Susan said...

love the Egyptian friend has promised to make it this weekeend for her housewarming party.

When I lived in Maadi I would stop at the small grocers for pantry items and then walk over to the fruit and veg guy. I loved how the fruit and veg guy would hail me a taxi, put me in, and then send all of my groceries w/ his delivery man. Pampered, but I loved it.

Emily Richardson said...

Aah, yes, the koshari. When I lived in Korba from I frequented Hind Koshari regularly... it was just across the street from my flat, and back then I think it cost me around LE 1!

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