Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fusion Sham el Nessim

All over Egypt yesterday families were heading out for the nearest green space, sometimes just the median of a boulevard in the city, to picnic on boiled eggs, preserved fish, lettuce, fresh onions and bread. This tradition goes back to pharaonic times with one of Egypt's loveliest holidays, Sham el Nessim, or smelling the breeze. It usually occurs a day after the Coptic Easter, which is generally a week or so after the western Easter. Some people claim it as part of the Coptic Easter but its origins go farther back than any of the other Johnny-Come-Lately religions. Here on the farm, a group of friends gathered with children who were more than happy to chase wildly over 3 acres with a pack of dogs while adults feasted on homemade sushi followed by ice cream.


B SQUARED said...

For some reason, sushi and ice cream doesn't sound good. One or the other for me.

Dina said...

"Smelling the breeze"--a wonderful name (and reason?) for a spring holiday. Happy Sham el Nessim.

Antjas said...

What a lovely tradition. The sushi was rolled in generous proportions and looks delicious, a twist on an old tradition. The hollyhocks in the enlarged photo are beautiful.

Stacy K. said...

I absolutely loved the pickled vegetables in Egypt. I think the sushi is a nice addition though.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

But the ice cream comes HOURS after the sushi. Almost another meal. LOL

Midlife Roadtripper said...

All sounds delicious to me. A beautiful spread.

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