Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Helping the Easter Bunny

Do we celebrate Easter in Egypt? Why of course we do. And not just once but three times, as there is nothing that Egyptians like more than a celebration. Sunday was the Western Easter, I'm not sure of the date of the Eastern Orthodox and Coptic Easter, and Shem el Nessim is coming up soon. Shem el Nessim is the pharaonic version complete with boiled eggs, onions and fish. This photo was taken at my multicultural Easter that a group of Finnish/Lebanese/Egyptian/Canadian/British friends celebrate together with foods and customs of all of our countries. A lovely afternoon.


brattcat said...

I love the concentration on his face. Hope all three celebrations are good for your family.

Dina said...

Happy Easters to you all.

B SQUARED said...

Fascinating to see other cultures and what and how they celebrate holidays.

Ja said...

we only celebrate twice, as sham elnesim is the second day of coptic easter :-)

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

It's the day AFTER Coptic Easter, but what I've always loved about Shem el Nessim is that it is universal, older than any of the other religions and a simple celebration of spring...our third Easter. It's my favourite by far.

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