Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Sheltering Place

Egypt can be problematic for many animal lovers. We still have a working horse and donkey population who don't exactly have a great life in many cases. Most people don't realise that the children's classic Black Beauty was originally written as a plea for more humane treatment of horses in 19th century England and many of the situations fit here. We have a lot of stray dogs and cats who are important in our environment to help with keeping vermin down, and many people want to "rescue" these animals from short, difficult lives. The problem is that there often isn't a decent place for the animals to live and not much prospect of adoption. Near my home one cat rescue, Animal Haven, has a beautiful shelter for cats and a few dogs that they couldn't avoid. The cats have sunny courtyards, sleeping places, fresh food and the cleanliness that cats love. This is a fabulous place to adopt a cat from because they are socialised and enjoy company. I will be doing a blog post on this place on Living In Egypt. Good things should be encouraged.


Anonymous said...

oh in my country there is a place to adopt the cats too and well actually in my house i got twenty five cats. yes because we love cat and if i look into cat on the road outside my house i really feel sorry for them and really wanna go get them and keep in my home with all the good place to sleep, food for cat, a nice place for 'em. but i couldn't but i try to give them a food,so i always bring a cat food on my bag everywhere i go :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

Well done for highlighting such a problem in your part of the world.

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