Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Almost Invisible Cat

Visiting the mosque of Sultan Hassan today in ridiculous heat, we encountered a tabby cat relaxing on the wall of the basin for the washing before prayer. The mosque was built in the 1300's and had included a fountain at one time, but now the area for the water has stones and the colour of the cat matches the stones almost perfectly.


brattcat said...

Perhaps you'd call that "cat"ouflage. It's a terrific capture, whatever you call it.

Vagabonde said...

We have 2 cats, a golden cat and a Korat (the grey cat from Thailand with green eyes). When I visited my cousins in Heliopolis I saw many Egyptian cats, and they looked long and thin and very beautiful. I wished I could have brought one home with me. In the US there is a breed called “Egyptian Mau” but I don’t know if they really come from Egypt.

greensboro Daily Photo said...

Cats do have universal appeal. Most, however, don't have the luxury of lounging on sacred ground.

Molly said...

thats not a tabby, thats a Mau.

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