Friday, August 14, 2009

They Are Coming Along

Mango season this year wasn't so great. We had a very warm winter that confused the trees causing them to bloom early and then had a chill that did in a lot of the young fruit. The dates are ripening now and date season will start around the end of Ramadan, I imagine. My trees are still young so taking a close up of ripening dates is easy. These are Zaghloul dates. They will ripen to a deep burgundy red and be crisp, sweet, tart, and crunchy...not at all what most people imagine dates to be. Leave them on a plate for a few days and they ferment, turning all the crunchiness to sugars and turning into the sticky brown treats that are more familiar to the world outside of the date growing regions.


Leif Hagen said...

Interesting info about dates. The raspberry bushes in my backyard make me more an "expert" in a different fruit.

Stacy K. said...

I keep meaning to get some dates when they are fresh. Always wondered what they tasted like. I've been to Egypt, but it was winter, so the fresh variety were long gone.

brattcat said...

Amazing. I'd love to taste them at that crunchy stage.

tapirgal said...

That's a nice image with nice colors. I'm enjoying your blog.

Mia said...

First date I ever ate was in Egypt - thrown into the cab I was in at nightfall during Ramadan.

I'll never forget it and have loved them ever since :)


Dina said...

Wow.. you reminded me.. i love the ripe red dates. So beautifully delicious.

Susan said...

Yeah, not a fan of those dates when they're less ripe. Something about the way they feel against my teeth...

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