Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're Back Finally

And what is all this white stuff on the road in Maadi? Although many Egyptians thought it was snow, it was hail that ranged in size from pea-sized to golfball-sized. A puppy who was walking along the sidewalk when it began falling ran all over to try to get away from the stones that were being thrown at him until he found shelter under a car. The storm was most impressive with crashes of thunder and bold flashes of lightning lancing down in the distance (thank heaven!). We suspect that one of the flashes may have played a bit of havoc with our local mobile relay tower, the giant palm tree at Sakkara Country Club. The storm was Thursday night and they only just restored service to our area today...after another storm of angry phone calls to Mobinil.


janilizi said...

the last time I eas in Egypt there was a hail storm as we pulled into Luxor on the overnight bus from Hurgharda. It was awsome as was the look on the locals faces.

brattcat said...

Wow, hail in Egypt. Wasn't that one of the ten plagues?

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