Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Pretty Face

Last week I pushed out into the hot afternoon to attend a reception at Al Badeia Stud near the pyramids of Giza in celebration of the publishing of a book of photographs by the stud owner, Dr. Nasr Marei. With some of the most gorgeous Arabian horses in the world there, it isn't surprising that Dr. Marei took up photography years ago. This is one of the photos in the book, The Arabian Horse of Egypt. You can find it on Amazon along with a caledar of his photography.

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Ralph Suarez said...

Dear Maryanne:

A long time ago, Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik bred the type of horse which previous to his efforts, had only existed on painted canvas. His horses were harmonious, of rounded and curvey lines, possibly even "voluptuous". Nasr Marei is a modern Prince Aly, ushering a new era of romance by breeding the type of Egyptian Arabian which is powerfully dramatic and excruciatingly beautiful.

Congratulations to Nasr, who is not only one of my most favorite Egyptian Arabian Horse breeders and photographer but a kind and generous man, who is a great model of encouragement and inspiration. Nasr shows what is possible in life, if only you have faith in your dreams!

A million thanks for your post today and the smile it has created on my face.

Long live Gelgelah Albadeia!

Ralph Suarez

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