Monday, August 23, 2010

Konefa Preparation

Konefa looks like shredded wheat when you see a tray of it prepared. It is threads of batter that are buttered and baked around something sweet like nuts or cream for a dessert or baked around something savoury like a prawn for an appetizer. But these threads are probably headed for the sweet batch as Ramadan housewives buy them up by the kilo to bake at home. The threads are cooked on a flat griddle on the round oven at the right as the konefa-man swirls a pot of batter with tiny holes punched in the bottom over the griddle. He wasn't working when we came by.


Angie Nader said...

mmmm. i love knefeh

Randy said...

That sounds delicious. Nice photo.

P A S H A said...

nice photo , it called konafa


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