Thursday, October 28, 2010

Street Crossing School

Anyone who has ever tried to cross the road in Cairo will have enormous respect for the survivors of the attempt. So how do they learn to do that? Obviously, they start very young.


Pedro D. H. said...

so I can see...

brattcat said...

The child looks as if she's developed a unique style for stopping traffic.

Star said...

One car at a time. Used to happen for me, too, in a few places in Rome. They've now installed stop lights, at least at one of the places.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

We've had traffic lights in Cairo since 1976 and there is still considerable argument as to what they mean and how they should be used.

Jack said...

We visited Cairo in January and our guide told us that the traffic lights and lane markers were just suggestions. I would NEVER try to cross a Cairo street.

Candice said...

My first day in Cairo we went to Mohamed Ali Citadel and I was shocked seeing the kids on a school outing crossing the streets like that! It's one thing when you're jaywalking on your way home without supervisison (who doesn't?) but with the school?! Then I got it... It's necessary to learn to cross - so why not learn at school, and it's not jaywalking in Cairo, it's just the only way! But talk about shock seeing those kids in the street like that!

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