Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Seriously Amazing Pyramid Photo

We drove out near Kerdasa today to buy some heavy woven vine mats to roof my sitting area by the bird cage. On the way home we suddenly saw this view of the Great Pyramid and Catherine got the sot. The most amazing thing about it, other than its lovely composition, is the fact that the road is empty.


brattcat said...

a road into a dream or the past, i'm not certain which, but a road that calls to the rest of us to follow.

rapunzel said...

That is amazing! I imagine it is even more so seeing it in person. Thanks for sharing.

Star said...

Another great photo and food for thought, thanks! P.S., Last night, I saw Omar Sharif as the tutor of young Rudolph of Hapsburg in a recent movie, "The Destiny of a Prince" (title translated from Italian). Enjoyed seeing him, and thought, again, of how much warmth and joy he transmitted during his TV interview a few months ago (I mentioned it in a comment on your blog). Thought happily of your blog, too! Thanks so much for sharing your day-to-day life in Egypt.

flix17 said...

nice shoot, used to see the pyramids from a short distance always, but this one is really cool, regards to the mother of earth as Egyptions call it.

Aimeecakes said...

This is an AMAZING photo! Makes me want to go back and see the Pyramids in person again!

Joe said...

Fantastic photo.

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