Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Fun

Been busy here following local events (the entire Middle East is a bit nuts these days) and I realised I haven't been posting. Many apologies and here's one of my favourite shots of some of our baby goats and our water buffalo. Sometimes it's really nice to have big friends.


Kristi said...

That is so adorable! What fun : )

rapunzel said...

That IS a fun shot! So cute!!

Femke said...

So nice !
I Love little animals :)

Star said...

That is so adorable! Why do goats like to do that? Maybe it's an ancestral urge to climb mountains, though they've been domesticated for thousands of years (watched a fascinating documentary last night on the domestication of animals...serendipitous!).

brattcat said...

we worry when we don't hear from you so thanks for posting, and especially something so dear.

Giulia said...

Oh that is darling. Lambs do this, too.

Yes, we do worry when we don't hear from you but it is understandable to be caught up in real, rather than virtual, life.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love this photo, welcome back Maryanne.

Aimeecakes said...

Well this is just gorgeous!

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