Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Really My Machine

This is a photo of an industrial sewing machine that is used for making equestrian equipment. I'd been talking to my daughter the other day about how it would be nice to have one to repair bridles and such around the farm, but honestly, I never wanted this particular machine. It used to belong to my friend and saddle maker Mohamed Ibrahim el Said. He's about 42 years old. He'd gone to get papers for his brother who was shot during the revolution by the police. This was just before Ramadan. He'd just been to my farm to talk about making me a new lovely harness for my donkeys. No one has seen him since and no one knows where he is. His wife asked if I wanted to buy the machine because she needs money and most people were offering her peanuts for it. I gave her a decent price and told her that if Mohamed comes back he can get it back from me. I really don't want it. I want Mohamed.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

I hope something horrible hasn't happened to him Maryanne, I can see why you are worried. Now you will have to let us know when (note I said when and not if) he turns up.

brattcat said...

You bring the heartbreak of political upheaval home to us in such a poignant way. I do hope this maker of saddles returns to his family and reclaims his machine for many, many more years of plying his craft.

rapunzel said...

I really hope he is OK!!

Annie said...

awww, such a sad story.. gives me goosebumps..

Unknown said...

Oh, Maryanne - I hope he is ok.

Star said...

Oh my. Such potential heartbreak. Along with the others, I do hope he comes back, soon. Please keep us posted. Yours was a lovely gesture.

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