Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Tools of the Tbone


We were blessed last year with a male water buffalo calf who was named at birth Kofta for the delicious barbecued ground beef fingers that are prepared here. It may seem a bit harsh to some, but there really isn't much you can do with a male water buffalo unless he's something really special for breeding...and Kofta wasn't. He lived with us for a year and was much loved and petted, but as he approached his first birthday the testosterone began to flow and he was much bigger. When something the size of a VW bug decides to play head butt with you, it's time to do something. My assistant/driver/Man Friday/Photography Elf Mohamed brought his butchering tools, many of which are handmade and razor sharp, in to work and we now have a freezer full of Kofta. And he is quite tasty.


AareneX said...

Nothing wrong with growing your own food, sez I, and it doesn't matter to me whether the food is a pumpkin, an apple, or a water buffalo. Grow 'em good, and be grateful for the opportunity!

Moving Homes said...

How could there be something wrong with growing your own food, quite the contrary there is nothing better than this!

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