Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Old and The New

Oddly enough, you can see the pyramids of Giza from a lot of different angles.  People expect to see them in company of sand dunes and camels, but as you drive into Cairo from Alexandria, they come into view in a landscape of traffic lights and mobile phone towers.


AareneX said...

You're right--I *do* expect dunes and camels...there are still SOME of those around the pyramids, right? The juxtaposition of cars and pyramids looks like a "Planet of the Apes" set...

Gerald (SK14) said...

The old and new in this modern world.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Great reminder of how the old and new coexist.

Unknown said...

It still remains one of my dreams to visit the pyramids one day. It's probably really awesome to see one of the wonders of the ancient world every day.

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Yes I suppose this is the world we live in, a complete mixture of the oldest to the newest. A post very interesting and successful.

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